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This Privacy Policy explains how the web site Soundike collects and stores your personal information, when you are using our services. Before proceeding with your registration process on this web site you must:

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A difference in Laws, concerning copyright material, in different jurisdictions, does not allow administration of the web site Soundike, to say that all of the services which this web site provides are completely legal in all the Countries. Final decree about legality of using Soundike services should be made by the consumer of such services. The necessary information on legitimacy of use of the audio-materials offered by site Soundike, you can receive from the authorities protecting copyrights, in a place of your residing.

Personal Information

Soundike collects personal information so that we can improve our services, to organize effective interaction with our visitors, to organize effective technical support, to inform our users about news and updates, and also to track downloaded files so that we can pay royalties to the Rightholders.

Administration guarantees, that all the personal information that you provide will never be disclosed to the 3rd parties without your agreement, except in the cases described in term 4 of this Privacy Policy.

Financial Information

When paying for services provided by us, users transfer the information about payment means (the information on credit cards, etc.) to the companies, engaged for processing of these payments. Transfer of such information is carried out through safe SSL connection on sites of such companies and data about payment means are not accessible to us.

Other Technical Information

Service Soundike in its work operates with IP-addresses of the visitors and cookies on their personal computers. It is a standard practice necessary for effective work of a dynamical resource, prevention of technical problems and for protection of financial operations. Besides cookies are necessary for identification of the user, and if you disable them, work with the site can be essentially complicated.

Exemption from Liability

Soundike can disclose your Personal Information only in cases stipulated by International Laws.

Soundike can contain links to the web sites of 3rd parties. Soundike doesn't take any responsibility for functioning and the resources of those sites, and also the possible damage caused by working with them.

We value relationship with each user of our service and consequently, we will do everything depending on us that our cooperation brings only positive results to you.