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Registration / Accessing Web Site
Q: Why do I need to register, is it free?
Q: I'm a registered user but the site does not recognize me, what should I do?
Q: I don't remember my login/password, what should I do?
Q: When I login on the web site, and click any link, I get logged out. What should I do?
Q: I have registered, but did not receive my two free tracks, what should I do?
Q: Is it safe to provide my personal information during the registration process?
Q: What are the available payment methods? How can I add money to my account?
Q: How much does it cost to purchase music at Soundike? Are there any hidden/monthly fees?
Q: If I make a deposit and won't use up my balance straight away, will it expire?
Q: Are there any discount/bonus programs at Soundike?
Q: Is it possible to top up my balance with bitcoins?
Q: I'm new with all this "bitcoins" digital currency things and don't know how to make payment. Do you have guided steps for newbies?
Q: Can I preview the track at Sounike.com prior to purchasing them?
Q: Does the preview have the same quality as the actual track available for download on your web site?
Downloading/Listening to music/Transferring to iPod/Phone/Archive
Q: How and where from do I download purchase music?
Q: I have downloaded track/album and it is corrupt/password protected. What should I do?
Q: The music I downloaded seems to be of poor quality (there are clicks/pops/, etc.) What should I do?
Q: I have downloaded purchased music, what software/media device I require in order to play it?
Q: How can I transfer purchased music to my iPod/iPhone?
Q: What does Archive button do?
Q: Can I burn purchased music to a CD?
Q: If I decide to close my account with you, will I be able to keep all purchased music?
Q: I am not satisfied with the service how can I request a refund?
Q: I have purchased one album/track and cannot find anything else I like on your web site, can I get a refund?
Security Issues
Q: Is your web site legal?
Q: If your web site is legal, how can you sell music for $0.15/track compared to iTunes $0.99/tack?
Q: Is it safe to enter my billing information on your web site?
Q: Are there any viruses/Trojans on the web site?
Other questions
Other questions